An Inauguration Day Prayer (2021)


Author: Brian Sauvé

May God vex the new POTUS in his every unrighteous scheme. May his delusions of deity be utterly thwarted.

May the broken skulls of murdered babies—crushed with his praise and permission—rise up in judgment. May he repent in dust and ashes.

May his aspirations to control every domain of human existence be mocked to scorn on earth as they surely are in heaven.

May he learn that he cannot rewrite the dictionary entries concerning man and woman, nor control the weather by the levying of taxes.

May he repent of his reckless stoking of ethnic division, and learn the basis of true peace at the table of the Lord.

May he come to fear the Lord, not men.
May he come to love truth, not lies.
May he come to know good from its opposite.

Even so, may the Lord in his mercy grant that his people might live godly and quiet lives, working with their hands, in the midst of his rule.

And may they learn to forsake all trust in horses, tanks, bombs, and bullets—and trust rather in the Lord of Hosts.


Photo by Ben White on Unsplash