Calling Out My Fellow Laymen


“There are three things I’ve learned never to discuss with people: religion, politics, and the Great Pumpkin.”


Background Data

Nazi Holocaust: approximately 17 million people murdered (6 million Jews and 100 million others). Since Roe v. Wade decision in 1973: approximately 62 million (preborn) babies murdered.

Getting Political

Christians, true Christians, must confirm one of the most political statements in existence… Jesus is King! He has been given all authority in heaven and on Earth.

In our current political moment (really well-past the present political moment), there are two candidates up for the President of the United States office: Donald Trump (the incumbent) and Joe Biden.

Donald Trump has done probably more than any President in recent memory to hinder the current death march of abortion. He has limited funding for Planned Parenthood. Not as much as I’d like, but more than any other President I can remember. He at least presents himself as a Pro-Life politician and provides an atmosphere more friendly to those trying to end abortion in our nation.

Joe Biden is the most extreme Pro-Choice presidential candidate ever. Ever. He supports abortion up to the moment of birth. He is on record supporting this numerous times.

Joe Biden supports trans-gendering 8-year-old children. 8-year-olds.

Also, understand that you are voting for a platform when you are voting for a candidate. And thanks to the Democrat platform, we have:

  • Gay marriage (mirage)
  • The destruction of gender (i.e., the rejection of God’s created order)
  • The ban of gendered language in the House of Representatives. That’s right. According to the House’s new rules of conduct, you may no longer use words such as father, mother, brother, or sister because they imply gender. And we all know how hateful that is.
  • Men/boys participating in women’s/girl’s sports.
  • Destructive organizations like Antifa and BLM given cover by Democrats to destroy cities and terrorize citizens for the past year without retribution or justice.
  • The persecution of the Church in the past year, blatantly in the open in Democrat-run states.
  • The removal of all traces of Christianity from the public school system.
  • The removal of freedom of speech.
  • The removal of the right to bear arms (at least the continued attempt at removing this right).
  • And socialism/communism/Marxism.

And the list goes on and on. The current Democratic party is anti-Christ. If any actual Christians are left in that party (leadership and politicians), they cannot hold any real Christian views on any of these significant issues.

So, how are we, as Christians, to vote? Or should we vote?

I can understand if you are of the mindset that you abstain from voting out of principal. I’ve held that position before, and I can respect that.

I can understand if you cannot vote for Trump because of his moral failings or because he’s “mean” or you don’t like his personality. Sure. But I ask, how can a Christian vote for Joe Biden and this current Democrat platform?

God’s Judgment

17 million deaths in the Holocaust

62 million murdered babies in the U.S.

How can a holy and just God ignore the murder of 62 million babies? Their blood is crying out from the soil of our nation.

I believe we are experiencing God’s judgment. He has “given us over” to the depravity that we see all around us. The wickedness that we see is endorsed whole-heartedly by the Democrat Party.

Is there any hope? Can we escape the wrath to come?

Our God is also merciful, and throughout history, His judgment has served as a wake-up call. As a deterrent to continue in the way of sin and death. Just ask the people of Nineveh.

I believe that with national repentance, or at least widespread repentance within the Church, God will remove his wrath and bless our nation once again. But what does this repentance look like? I don’t believe repentance looks like voting for the party of death. I don’t think repentance looks like voting for Joe Biden, for continued and extended access to abortion, for mutilating 8-year-olds in the name of “transgenderism.”

Loving Your Neighbor

17 million deaths in the Holocaust

62 million murdered babies in the U.S.

What would loving your neighbor look like if you were a believer in Nazi Germany? They murdered 6 million Jews and 11 million other people, including gays, blacks, Poles, Serbs, disabled people, etc.

Would it be loving your neighbor to support Adolf Hitler? After all, there are other ways to preserve the lives of Jews. Right? You need not support one political leader over another. You can form a small group to provide care packages to Jews in concentration camps.

We’ve murdered far more babies than Jews and other groups! But we’re to believe that we can simultaneously vote for the party of death and Joe Biden, as long as we support pregnancy resource centers? Pro-Life from cradle to grave, right? After all, black lives matter, right?

But don’t you dare say all lives matter.

Is it loving your neighbor to vote for Socialism? A political system that has historically destroyed millions of lives? Including the 17 million people murdered during the Holocaust? Is it loving your neighbor to vote for the platform that fights against Christianity? Shouldn’t we support the party that protects religious liberty and freedom of speech?

Sure, the Republican party is full of liars and career politicians who, to be honest, hate us just as much as the Democrats. But they at least provide a speed bump along the way as we race towards the cliffs of insanity.

Amen and Awomen.

Bringing It Closer to Home

17 million deaths in the Holocaust

62 million murdered babies in the U.S.

Imagine finding yourself in a church in Nazi Germany during the Holocaust. Are your pastors and elders supporting what Hitler is doing? Are they soft-pedaling what is going on? Are they playing it safe?

What would you do? Play it safe? Speak out against the heinous crimes being committed? Would you press your pastors and elders to speak out? What if they refused?

Fast-forward to today. Certainly, it’s not as serious as the Holocaust! Tell that to the 62 million babies murdered during our own, pleasant, “nice”, polite Holocaust.

Are you in a church that values “nice” over truth? Does your church imbibe the woke Evangelicalism that doesn’t agree with everything BLM stands for but has no problems hashtagging away and standing in solidarity with rapists and thugs?

Are you in a church that gives comfort to Democrats, because “after all it’s only politics and we can all be civil“? Does your church teach that the early church or Jesus Himself were socialists?

62 million babies.

A Call to Action

17 million deaths in the Holocaust

62 million murdered babies in the U.S.

If you’ve read this far and you believe that I am only spouting these things because I’m a conspiracy theorist, or a Christian nationalist, or part of the MAGA/Trump cult…

I’m not speaking to you. I’m speaking about you.

Desperate times call for faithful men and not for careful men. The careful men come later and write the biographies of the faithful men, lauding them for their courage.

Douglas Wilson

To all my brothers and sisters who would “abhor what is evil; and hold fast to what is good (Romans 12:9)”, it is time to be faithful.

Speak up! Make your voice heard. Go to the leadership in your church and call for faithfulness to God’s Word and insist that they stand up for our most vulnerable neighborspreborn babies.

62 million babies.

This is a hill to die on.

And if your voice is not heard, come out from those churches and find a church that will stand in the gap, for the true victims of our present Holocaust.